Cultural Global Labs (CGL) are interactive conferences taking place around the world for the purpose of achieving growth at the organizational as well as personal level. We achieve this through learning and application in real-world settings, creating effective and meaningful connections. CGL are multi-disciplinary workshops designed for professionals working in a variety of fields and multicultural settings. We seek to bring thought leaders together to increase competencies, prepare present and future leaders to navigate culturally complex situations, inspire and motivate next-generation stakeholders, create and implement diversity and inclusion strategies, and train teams on emotional and cultural intelligence. CGL provide a unique opportunity to increase your knowledge, put theories and concepts into practice, connect with professionals from around the globe, and acquire and develop skills to influence our world, producing better outcomes and a better tomorrow.


Today's global workplaces are still driven primarily by traditional metrics. At Cultural Global Labs, we believe the most important assets are PEOPLE, motivated by their HUMANITY. The world needs positive change and leaders that dare to be different. We must first change and equip ourselves in order to shape these workplaces, and therefore our future, with outcomes that are the result of shared experience, empathy and a purpose that draws us together with passion and courage.


June 15-19, 2020 Join us in Southern Italy!

WHERE: Lecce (Puglia) 

Each participant will choose one 3-day workshop and dive deep into the subject matter. Then, we will spend one day in a group setting, applying theory into practice as we take part in local experiences.

Finally, we will conclude with an Open Space session to gather and share the insights gained through our collective practice.

In an effort to set the tone for effective learning, each day includes body-mind wellness sessions to create the mental space for holistic learning.

List of Workshops